Natural Gas Heating

Natural Gas Heating

Economic and energy efficient

We are experts in installing natural gas condensing boilers, with many years of experience to draw from. It is important you choose the right heating solution for your home and we have a team of professionals that can help guide you through this process.

Natural gas heating is a much more economic form of heating as they emit much less carbon dioxide than oil heating or coal stoves. The heat flows right into your home so an oil tank is not required. It can be easily installed in older buildings and is the most economically efficient heating system for buildings that require significant renovation.

Water based heating systems have a gas boiler that generates hot water that is distributed through the pipes in your home. This type of heating system can accommodate baseboard units, radiators and radiant floor systems.

Save money on your energy bills

Natural gas heating is incredibly efficient, with a 95% efficiency rating. Condensing boilers utilise the wasted heat from traditional heating processes to maximise the potential energy output and calorific value of the natural gas. This ultimately means you save money on your energy bills and can enjoy a better optimesed, cleaner living space.