LPG And Oil Heating

LPG And Oil Heating

Oil-based heating

A high-efficiency oil-based heating system is an excellent option for homes that aren’t connected to the gas main. It contains all of the same controls as a modern gas-based system such as a thermostat, an electronic 7-day timer and cylinder thermostat on the water tank.

It is important that a fully qualified professional undertakes the installation of an oil heating system, particularly as it is strongly recommended that they are fitted with an automatic shut-off system in the event of a fire, which could potentially lead to it spreading to an external oil tank. Our team are all fully qualified and registered members of Ofted, the nationally-recognised Oil-Fired Technical Association.

LPG heating systems

Another alternative is an LPG heating system. Boilers for this type of system are generally cheaper than oil-based types and maintain the high energy efficiency rating of other systems.

There are lots of ways you can store your LPG such as an underground tank which allows you to keep your garden space free. LPG is the cleanest of heating systems, emitting approximately 20% less CO2 per kWh than oil.

Your delivery of LPG is delivered by tanker, similar to oil-heating. We are able to install your LPG boiler and storage tank. The first thing you need to install is the tank. We are able to supply and install all of the pipework and storage vessels and connect it up to your property inlet. We can help you decide where to place the storage tank that is suitable for your home.

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