There are lots of little ways you can help cut costs on your energy bills. They seem insignificant, but over the course of the winter, they all add up to help you save hundreds of pounds on your monthly bills.

Turn the heating down by a degree
This may seem glaringly obvious, but it is a simple tip that is often overlooked by home-owners. According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning your thermostat down by just one tiny degree you can save 10% on your annual heating bill.

Fill in any wall cavities
This varies from home to home, but the savings made by cavity wall insulation could be in the region of £275 annually.

Loft Insulation
Did you know British Gas offer to fit free loft insulation at your home? All you need to do is answer a few simple questions on their website and if you qualify they will be around to fit it for you!

Set different temperatures for each room
You may not use certain rooms as much as others, or they may be better insulated than the others, whatever the case may be it is important that you minimise the heat in the rooms that don’t need it.

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